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Where does your coffee moment start? When grinding the beans? Reaching for the tamper? With the sound of the espresso machine brewing your coffee? Wherever it starts - it creates a sense of anticipation. Anticipation of the taste. The short break you're going to have. Anticipation of enjoying this small but special moment that allows you to pause everyday life for a little while. 


So why not expand that feeling? By touching high-quality materials and elegant shapes, but also by functionally practical extensions that make your portafilter machine and coffee grinder an experience in itself. Fine adjustments in design and function not only intensify your short break from everyday life, but also your passion for coffee.



Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference, sometimes it takes a complete redesign. 


Making your coffee moment a special one for us starts with the tamper or the knock box and goes all the way to the overall customization of portafilter espresso machines. Selected and exclusive woods are processed for the production of portafilter handles, tampers and other coffee tools. High-quality coatings are used for the body and the brewing elements of the portafilter machines. 


In the end, not only your individual style will be reflected, but also the quality will be increased. 

You like it

Buy a new portafilter machine via rb.crafts or just send us the one you already own. We then customize them according to your ideas. 


Click here for an individual inquiry.


Rather already

You are looking for a finished portafilter machine that still has that certain something, or you would like to buy individual coffee tools. 


Then simply choose something from the shop.



Every detail is important, every machine is unique, and every component is handmade.
Since 2018 rb.crafts has combined a love for coffee with a passion for craftsmanship and design. Based in the Stuttgart area, rb.crafts is a manufacturer that processes selected materials into special one-offs. High-quality coffee machines are individually refined and thus achieve a new standard of exclusivity - driven by a special demand for the highest quality and outstanding design.


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