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Sometimes it requires more than just some single parts to create this very special character of your coffee machine.

So dream big. What's the brand of your choice, the color you like, and the wood that suits you. Let's discuss and shape the character of your machine together. Let's choose designs, add components, such as shot timers or needle valves. Let us stamp your own logo and bring your very own coffee experience home with your individually customized coffee machine. 

We look forward to every new challenge and every new idea that you have in your mind!



Your machine

The first step is to choose your espresso machine. Should it be a La Marzocco? A rocket? A Slayer or something completely different?


Even if you already have your own espresso machine, you're welcome to send it to us. We customize it according to your wishes and ideas and then send it back to you.


If you're not looking for a portafilter machine, but a coffee grinder, you've come to the right place anyways. 


The wood we work with is from a FSC and PEFC certified merchant in Germany. We can guarantee that both domestic and exotic woods are of the best quality. 


However, keep in mind that wood is a natural product. It will therefore always differ in its colors and patterns and it will change over time. It can be influenced by the environment in which it is located and by the use it is under. 


We can make portafilter and tamper handles, brew group covers and lids, rotary handles and side panels for your espresso machine or coffee grinder from the wood you choose. 


If you're up for a visit, you're welcome to come to our showroom in person and choose the wood you want your products to be finished with. That way you can decide on the pattern and color, let us show you how the parts are made by hand and, above all, let yourself be inspired a little.


Not only can you enhance your portafilter machine with fine wooden parts, you can also give it a new, colorful look. 


We use different processes that improve the material, in addition to changing the color. The coatings, which are suitable for the kitchen and food sector, are characterized by a high level of durability. They are therefore abrasion, scratch and impact resistant and also corrosion resistant in the brewing areas. 


We can change the body of your espresso machine or your grinder in the color of your choice - whether glossy or matt. 


You can choose brewing elements, portafilters and tamper bases in the colors black matt, black glossy, gray matt, gray glossy, gold glossy and rose gold glossy. 



Now let's get into the details. After you have already chosen the wood and coating, you can now enhance your machine with functionally practical add-ons. 


You can add the naked manometer, a striking and mechanical detail. The shot timer, which shows you the exact time while you brew your coffee. The needle valve that offers you pre-infusion and thus more possibilities in the extraction of your coffee. The side panels, which can not only be coated or made of wood, but also make your machine something very special made of milled aluminum. Supplemented by a logo imprint of your choice, which is also possible with your coffee grinder, it now stands in front of you - your very own espresso machine. Perfectly tailored to you and your taste in detail. 

If you like, you can choose all the elements and designs for your portafilter machine yourself and send us an inquiry with the information. 


If you are still unsure whether the selection fits together or if you would like to be inspired by us right from the start, just ask us directly and we will discuss together step by step how your dream machine should be customized.

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