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The EVO pitcher is now world-renowned as the first curved pitcher. The curved body was conceived with the ideal contact pour angle in mind, and the EVO 2.0 is even curvier than its predecessor, making latte art even easier. Reduced training time and accelerated improvement of new and veteran Baristas alike can be expected.


The EVO 2.0 is made of heavier,

thicker stainless steel metal, making it twice as durable and perfect for frothing smaller amounts with more powerful pressure.


It features a modified version of the cutting-edge Ultra Sharp 2.0 Spout. There is simply no way to make a spout sharper without compromising flow control. You can pour the finest lines and a delicate tulip in Cortado cups with absolute precision and maximum flow control.

Barista Swag EVO 2.0 Pitcher

Sales Tax Included |
    • 16oz/480ml Capacity
    • Extremely Light Weight
    • Electrocoated Color
    • Full Laser Welding
    • Electrolysis Non Stick Inside Polish

    The milk jugs are not suitable for dish washers

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