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The hybrid portafilter is the latest innovation in the Pesado 58.5 range. Using a one-of-kind threaded naked hybrid portafilter combined with the revolutionary hybrid spouted system, you can effortlessly transform your naked portafilter into a spouted one in seconds, without the need to purchase separate accessories.


This simplified handling makes your daily coffee routine easier, both as a home barista and as a professional.


You can choose between only getting the head or including the handcrafted rb.crafts portafilter handle - in the wood of your choice.

Pesado Hybrid Portafilter

PriceFrom €120.00
Sales Tax Included |
    • Material:
      • Portafilter head: 316 grade stainless steel
      • Portafilter Handle: precious wood


  • Without handle

    • portafilter head
    • two spot spout
    • allen key

    With handle

    • portafilter head
    • two spot spout
    • allen key
    • portafilter handle in handcrafted rb.crafts design
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