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Our all black precision tamper has the same features that we value in all our tampers. On top, however, we have given it a special finish and so it stands out once again with the combination of a black base and a dark precious wood handle.




Tampers serve to evenly distribute the freshly ground coffee in the portafilter. In order for this to succeed, we rely on a specially designed shape and special materials in the manufacture of the tamper.


The pronounced curve on the upper handle nestles perfectly in every hand. The narrow tapered ending can be gripped securely and solidly. In this way, an optimal distribution of force can be exerted on the tamper and thus the coffee bed and the water running through extracts the coffee evenly. Selected precious woods also ensure a safe and warm grip.


Meanwhile, the base of the tamper works with the highest precision. With a diameter of 58.5 mm, it fits perfectly into the sieve and no coffee residues remain on the walls of the sieve. The high-gloss polished stainless steel also ensures cleanliness when preparing coffee. The highlight is the specially designed shape of the base. This prevents a vacuum when it is pulled out of the sieve and the coffee puck remains undamaged.

Precision Tamper | All Black

Sales Tax Included |
    • Handle: Smoked Oak
    • Base: black DLC coating
    • Base diameter: 58.5 mm
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