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Our Tamping Station not only cleans up your coffee area, it also ensures a warm and modern design. It provides one space to hang your portafilter and 2 places for your tampers.

Our precision tampers, whose base measures 58.5 mm in diameter, find the perfect amount of space without bumping into the sides. The base is additionally protected by a leather insert, which you can find in both tamper spaces.

Tamping Station

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    • Wood: walnut or oak
    • Dimensions: 234mm x 95mm x 65mm (LxWxH)
    • Diameter tamper space: 60mm
    • Diameter portafilter space: 74mm
  • To protect your wooden elements from moisture, do not hold them under water and also be careful with splashing water. Depending on use, we recommend to oil the wood every 6-9 months.

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