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The La Marzocco classic for the home is and remains the Linea Mini. It has now been redesigned and appears as the Linea Mini R with a revised design and expanded functionality. With the new shot timer, the brew-by-weight function and the pre-infusion system, the workflow of every coffee preparation with the Mini R is further optimized.

We at rb.crafts also took on the makeover of the Mini and refined it with handmade wooden parts.

There's not much standing in the way of your own individual espresso machine - just choose the color that suits you and the wood you want.

La Marzocco Linea Mini R

PriceFrom €5,336.14
Sales Tax Included |
    • Machine type: dual boiler
    •  Heating time: 10-12 min
    •  Case material: stainless steel
    •  Boiler material: stainless steel
    •  Brewing boiler: 0.17 l
    •  Steam boiler: 3 l
    •  Water tank: 2.5 l, removable to the front
    •  Fixed water connection: yes, expandable
    •  Hot water function: yes
    •  Coffee water quantity adjustable: volumetric
    •  Steam supply: rotary wheel
    •  Pump type: rotary pump
    •  Pressure gauge: yes
    •  PID temperature control: yes
    •  Pre-infusion function: yes, fixed water pipe pressure
    •  Brewing temperature controllable: yes
    •  Dimensions (W | H | D): 357 x 377 x 453 mm
    •  Weight: 30kg
    •  Portafilter diameter: Ø 58 mm
    •  Auto standby: yes
    •  Voltage: 220-240V
    •  Power: 1600W
    •  Other: LED lighting during the brewing process
    •  Shot timer: yes
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